September 22, 2008
AM, T=71, 9AM; mostly sunny, typical autumn weather
At least one owl is routinely in the roost tree. Lloyd and Margie have been staying with us, and neither T nor I has been out in the shop at dusk to see if both drop out of the tree. Maybe this evening.
Heard an owl early yesterday morning from the back yard, descending trill repeated 6 or 7 times, varying toward the end of the sequence.

September 13, Hurricane Ike
We were so worried about our owls. You go out for your normal hunting in the evening, the wind starts to pick up, blowing harder and harder. At 6AM Hobby airport was recording 75mph N winds, gusting to 92; the eye (huge) passed just to the east of us at around 5AM. Officially the Heights  got 10.79” of rain.  Do the owls shelter in place? come back to the roost tree? the nest box?
We came out of the house at noon or so. One owl at least is back in the roost tree.

Thurs 4 Sept 2008,
AM, T=72, N breeze, finally cooling down enough to open the windows.
6:40AM, Heard descending trill from vanEk side, then from our driveway; couldn’t locate any, though. It is interesting to note Janet’s observations, same morning. Previous morning or so Chris saw 2 or more owls at Woodland/Northwood; both types of trills.
 Janet says:
 6:30am:  Single monotonic trill outside Janet’s house on Bayland
6:35am:  Multiple decending trills (uncertain, but more than one bird may be involved) at the corner of Woodland and Julian.
I have heard owls more than once at the following locations:
    Northwood and Woodland
    Woodland and Julian
    Bayland and Norhill