October 22, 2008
Owls have been dropping down around 7pm and exiting perhaps down the driveway.  In the mornings they come in from the north. One morning last week T saw one on the honda branch, then checking out the owl box. At the moment a squirrel is spending the nights in it.
Cold front coming in tonight. Redfish fishing at Matagorda has been superb.
6:30P T=78
B/c of the early darkness of the approaching cold front the owls came down early. F dropped to preening branch for a while, then hopped to adjacent branches b/w the shop and the Evans backyard. M dropped to preening branch. F flew S along the fence; M followed a few minutes later.
I carried fishing stuff from the steps and clothesline up to the shop; noticed the M on the branch over the driveway, the F in the branches above the feeder tree in our backyard.