November 30, Sunday
AM, T=45, chilly and windy and clear
By 6:25 there was an owl on the ext box perch and one on the Honda branch. Both roosted in the shop roost tree
PM, T=58, till windy but warming some
5:40P, we both sat in the Prius to watch. We could see one owl sil’te down from the roost on a lower branch; I could see both with the good binoculars. F flew N; M flew S along the roof edge to the ligustrum outside the boys’ window. Sat for a few minutes, then flew to big crepe myrtle, then on south. I couldn’t see, but we speculate it is going across the street to the art park.

November 29, 2008
AM, T=63, overcast
6:13A, We woke up enough to notice an owl at the ev box perch. T went to watch at the computer; while I looked away to grab a shirt it flew away. Huh. Saw an owl high in the hackberry in backyard, W of shop—turned to tell T and it was gone when I turned back. Double huh.
6:23A, M on the box perch, F on the Honda branch; 6:25 the F joined the M on the perch and stuck her head in, then flew back to the Honda branch.
6:30A, M flew toward the shop roost;
6:35A, F checked the box perch one more time, then flew to shop roost.
T watched the monitor for 15 more minutes, then went to grab a shirt; when he came back the M was in the box…sheesh…
5:40 F flies N; M also?

November 28, 2008
Friday after Tgiving
AM, T=68, humid and breezy
T in br, C in weaving room; C saw owl fly to perch tree at 6:35A.
Can’t find the M roost; not in the tree w/F, not in the box
5:00P, intense mobbing by several jays, a cardinal, a bulbul and goldfinches.
PM, T=75+, cloudy and damp
5:40P; F hops down from perch. To my surprise the M hops up from the crotch of the tree to join her—he has been there all day!
No further sighting by either of us.

November 24, 2008
AM T=63
Saw nothing from bedroom window.
PM, T=75, N breeze, will get into 40’s tonight
Observations from the fern on the back deck:
At 5:40P the F flew from perch, behind the shop to the neighbor’s ligustrum by the kitchen. Saw no more of her. 5:45P the M flew b/w the gap, coming from the driveway to an upper branch of the middle trash tree. Stayed there for a few minutes and flew back down the driveway. I went to the bedroom but didn’t catch sight of it anywhere.
No one in the ev box. Squirrel in the aa box.

November 22, 2008
AM, T in high 40’s, calm
Male seen in box cam at 7:AM. We think blue jays might have chased him in again from his perch in the “Football” perch. The female is still spending days in the Football perch, and does not seem fazed by bluejays, wrens, or other birds mobbing. The male spent the day in the box.
PM, At 5:30 PM he moved up into the box entrance. At 5:40 PM he moved to the exterior perch and looked around a while. At 5:42 he moved to the high Honda branch, then a minute later, flew towards the Birdfeeder Area. I lost him at that point. There is a squirrel in the Van Ek box (again). Today I moved the bees out of the Bellewood box, which I took down out of the tree last weekend.

November 19, 2008
AM, T=45, clear and calm
C at br window; no sightings

November 18, 2008
AM, T=43, clear, cold, calm
6:16A, C watching monitor: owl (M?) comes to perch, inside box, then to doorway; leaves at 6:19.
6:21A, owl (same? F?) comes to perch, inside box v briefly, then doorway and out.
PM, T=67
5:50?P, F in roost tree, no sign of M; hops down and goes W behind the shop. From the shop door I saw it a few minutes later at the aa thistle tree, where it flew W into the vanEk’s yard.

Monday, November 17, 2008
AM, T=41, clear, cold
6:01, M on perch; 6:09 he went inside and fluffed the shavings, looked around, then sat in the entrance until 6:13, when he flew N past the shop. No F sighted.
PM, T=59
No observations

November 16, 2008 (Sun)
AM, T=38, clear and cold
Up a little late so only started watching at 6:10A. Owl on the honda branch AND on the box perch; I went to check the cam: no squirrel. Could see movement outside the box. We think that both owls were then on the perch together.
T says he sees only one owl in the perch tree (7:30A)
11:30A—Tom found the missing mail—in the ev box! Perhaps it got chased in by mobbing jays. Wasn’t there at 8:30 or so. Stayed all day inside.
PM, T=63
6:00P, F jumped down from her branch, preened and stretched and hopped east into the possum tree; I didn’t see the M but T, from the BR, saw it with its head in the box entry, then fly N. I think they must have met in the ev yard and headed e or s.

November 15, 2008 (Sat)
AM, T=49, strong N wind and v clear
We watched but saw nothing this morning.
PM, T=52, clear, wind dropping some; to be in the 30’s tonight
We got home too late to watch our owls but Janet called at 6:50 to say that she heard multiple bouts of descending trills in her own back yard; terminated in a single monotonic trill