December 31, 2008
AM, T=53, warmer than yesterday
No owls seen this morning (nobody roosting in box).
PM, T=60’s, clear and ever so slightly cool
No owls seen. However, we were visiting with Adriana at 5:45PM, so it’s just possible that the owls flew earlier.

December 30, 2008
AM, T=38, clear and cold
6:51AM, Male flew to perch on nest box, entered. Looks like he’s settled in to spend the day in the box.
PM, T=61, clear and ever so slightly cool
5:45PM, T watched from bathroom, trying to identify the location of Female’s day roost in the yard to the north of us. I failed, I think. Connie watched the Male trill several times with head out of box, and then depart to the NE. A minute or so later, I saw an owl flying upwards to land in the hackberry east of the Birdfeeder tree. The trajectory made me think it was NOT coming from the Trampoline Oak, although it might have been coming from the ligustrum . However, this owl did not appear very large from my angle at the bathroom window, so I would have said it was the male. Around 5:59 it left the tree, headed across north slope of the shop roof, and I almost thought I heard an impact on top of roof, as if it had nailed an insect or lizard up there. I moved into the bedroom to talk to Connie, who was outside the BR window. About this time, the Female owl flew through the gap between garage and house (this would have been close to 6PM), landing on branch over driveway. She trilled several times, and Connie noted the higher pitch of her trilling. The male appeared again, from the NE, and landed on nest box. He went inside and trilled once or twice (D above Middle C). Female flew to perch on nest box. It is not impossible that the male had a tidbit and fed it to her through the nest entrance, but it was too dark to resolve this with my poor binocs. She left, headed for the Gap. He followed shortly after. I tried to check the water dish on deck, and also checked cam on Van Ek box, but saw nothing. We don’t know where they went after that.

December 29, 2008
AM, T=45
6:57AM, Male flew to perch on nest box, entered, spent the day roosting inside the box
PM, T=58, clear and cool
5:45PM, It’s amazing how much later it is staying light, now that we are a week past the Solstice. At about 5:45PM, the male poked his head out of the box and sat while it got darker. At about 5:50 he began soft monotonic trill, tone was D above Middle C (on our piano). Around 5:53PM, male exited to north, headed for low branches in Evans back yard. Around 5:55, Connie spotted the female flying southwestward into the Birdfeeder area from her day roost in the yard to the north. A minute later, the female flew through the gap between garage and house, landing on the Honda Branch. The male reappeared from the north and flew up to the nest box. I think he entered the box (could not see clearly), but in a second he started the slow-paced hoot-hoot-hoot “Box song” . The pitch was the same as his earlier trill (D above Middle C). Unlike last night, the female did not trill back, but she flew immediately to join him at the nest box. She may have entered the nest box, but immediately exited again and flew to the Boy Box. I could not see if she entered it, or just perched on exterior perch. She then flew to hackberry limb over the middle of the driveway, perched for a while watching the compost pile, and then moved to the small oak by the computer room. This tree is full of roosting doves, but I did not hear any evidence of hunting commotion. At this point, the male exited the nest box, flying east around the Evans back yard. Then the female followed across the Evans back yard, landing in a low limb by their back fence. This was about 7:05 PM.

December 28, 2008
AM, T=50, overcast
6:47AM, Owl flew from north to land on box external perch. He (?) stuck his head in and inspected interior of box for a minute, then left northwards, at 6:53 AM.
PM, T=45, cold and damp
5:43PM The male appeared at box, left again. Female flew through gap between garage and our house, landing on high Honda Branch. Male reappeared from the direction of Evans back yard, entering box. From inside the box, he proceeded to give the “I’ve Got a Nest Box” song, which Gehlbach likens to a slowly ticking Geiger counter, and I think sounded sort of like slow chicken clucks, or maybe slow-paced hoots. This was very soft. The female answered with her standard, monotonic trill (I think it sounds noticeably higher in pitch than the male’s). After some antiphonal calling, the female flew to join the male at the nest box. I could not see if she entered the box or not. From there, they departed to hunt in different directions. I think this is the first time I have noted the “Box song” this year.

December 22, 2008
AM, T=33, quite cold (and damp), blustery
6:57AM, No owls seen in trees over the driveway, but when we looked at cam, Male was already in the nest box, where he spent all day.
PM, T=38, cold and damp
5:43PM, Male left box headed north, in low, slow flight which looked like he was heading for Evan’s back fence. At about 5:48, Female flew through gap between garage and house, coming from north, and landing on Honda branch, where she sat for almost 5 minutes without moving. She then flew to perch on nest box, where she spent another 4 or 5 minutes just looking around, with possible inspections of box interior, eventually leaving to fly north and east into Evan’s back yard. Connie thought she might have caught a glimpse of a bird, a few moments later, flying over Evan’s roof towards Euclid.

December 21, 2008
AM, T=48, cold front came in, gusty N wind
No owls in evidence (little boogers)
PM, T=40
We sneaked in a couple of peeks at the driveway at owl time but were busy w/Dad and Margie, here for T’s birthday dinner.

December 20, 2008, Saturday
No owls observed, up too late.
Nothing seen on driveway.

December 19, 2008, Friday
No owls observed
PM, T=78,
Both owls in tree west of upstairs shop, short dual trill. Swooped west over Van Ek pool.

December 18, 2008, Thursday
PM, T=
Owl at box, 2 owls on Honda Branch, mating behavior (piggyback and chittering).

December 17, 2008
AM, T=45, cold and damp
6:15A to 7:00AM, Tom at the bedroom window, C in the weaving room—neither saw any owls today.