January 31, 2009
AM, T=37, cool and clear
No owl activity this morning, as of 7:25AM.
PM, T=62, cool and clear, warming trend
6:22PM. From bathroom window, I saw female (?) land in tree east of birdfeeder tree. After a poop, some scanning of the ground, and stropping her beak against the tree branch, she turned and flew back into the yard to the north. I thought she landed on the edge of the arbor and made at least one hunting dive to the ground under this perch. No further sightings; did not catch anybody in the driveway before 7:30PM

January 30, 2009
AM, T=40, cool and clear
No owl activity this morning, as of 7:25AM.
PM, T=58, cool and clear, warming trend
From bathroom (north) window, caught glimpses at 6:19PM and 6:22PM of owls dropping down from a higher to a lower branch in the liveoak roost tree to the north.
At 6:29PM, and owl (male?) appeared on exterior perch of box, looked inside briefly but did not enter, I did not hear any trilling. At 6:30PM, this owl flew to the crepe myrtle area and was lost to my sight. I did not see any more owls this evening.

January 29, 2009
AM, T=32, cold and clear
No owl activity this morning, as of 7:15A
PM, T=53, clear and cool.
6:18PM. First movement of a bird in the liveoak roost, dropping down to a lower branch. However, both owls left the day roost liveoak without my spotting them. At 6:25PM, female was on Honda Branch, and male was on the box perch, head inside, then entered box briefly and perched head-out. During this time, he was giving the Geiger-Counter box call. The female trilled back from the Honda Branch. Her trill is about a musical interval of a fourth higher than his; i.e., if he is D-sharp, she is G-sharp.
She then flew to the Stub Perch. He left the box and flew to the crepe myrtle. She left the Stub Perch and flew over Evans roof, stalling out once with spread wings, as if picking an insect off a high limb of the myrtle, then she joined him low in the crepe myrtle. Female flew to burr oak in Evans yard. An owl reappeared back in crepe myrtle to hunt Evans front yard for a while longer. We lost them by 6:30PM.

January 28, 2009
AM, T=39, blustery and cloudy
6:44A, M comes to the box, hops right in and onto the inner perch. No dilly-dallying today, no running back and forth to outside branches, just hunker down out of this chilly wind.
9:30A; a squirrel made a play for the warm box—at the first pass the M just looked at him from the inner perch; second pass he decided to shelter on the bottom of the box. (see pictures in OWLS/Nov-Jan 09/1-27)
PM, T=46. Female showed interest in the nest box tonight.
1:PM (?) After Connie intervened to chase out the squirrel, the owl regained box and spent the rest of the afternoon inside. At 6:10 PM he was still on his corner perch. At 6:19PM, he finally stuck his head out the entrance and, after a minute, began the Geiger-Counter box trill. At about 6:22PM, Connie spotted movement in the liveoak roost to the north, as the female came off her roost. Shortly afterward, she flew to the hackberry east of the Birdfeeder Tree, where she trilled. At 6:23PM, the male flew north out of the box, apparently circling the shop or flying over it, because he immediately joined the female on the hackberry. She trilled , he jumped on top of her. A few seconds of wingflapping, chittering (and who knows what else) ensued. They both flew, she to the Honda branch, where she sat for a while. I think he flew to the crepe myrtle at this time. She, however, flew to the box, entered, and spent a long time fluffing the shavings and rooting around. She then flew to the crepe myrtle. She and he made several hunting dives into the Evans front yard. He flew back up the driveway (north) and I lost him. She continued hunting the Evans front yard and spent a lot of time perching very close to the SW corner of the Evans house, high up. She finally flew eastward at 6:48

January 27, 2009
AM, T=65, breezy south wind
No owls made any appearances this morning.
PM, 5PM T=76, 6PM T=58—cold front! (7PM, T=48)
6:15PM. Male seemed to be having no success locating female tonight. At 6:15PM, he was sitting near the back fence, on a low limb of the hackberry east of the Birdfeeder Tree (maybe about 4 feet above the top of the fence). He appeared to be hunting, looking down, both north and south of his perch. At about this time he flew through the gap. I did not see where he landed, but C, in the car , says he came to either the driveway branch or the Weaving Rm branch. A long session of monotonic trilling ensued (D-sharp above Middle C). At 6:21PM, he flew back north through the gap to try the Birdfeeder area again. The window was down in the bathroom, but I did not hear trilling. A minute later, he flew back over the roof of our house, headed back to the crepe myrtle area. He eventually flew to the burr oak on the street. However, I heard no more trilling, and could not spot him anywhere.

January 26, 2009
AM, T= high 50’s?
No owls seen in early morning. Squirrel in the box briefly, dragged in a few leaves.
PM, T=67, much warmer, overcast, breezy
Owl flights later than last night. Male showed up on Honda Branch around 6:25PM. I missed seeing where he flew off this branch, but a few minutes later he was on the external perch of the box. He flew, probably to crepe myrtle. Around 6:30PM, the female landed on butt of Weaving Room branch (i.e., near east side of driveway). Male trilled from myrtle area. A second later, male flew to join female over driveway, he jumped on top of her, a second of wing-flapping, chittering (and who knows what else) ensued, then they both flew towards the crepe myrtle. We lost sight of them at that point.
At 7:00PM, the female was back hunting from the Stub Perch on the east side of the driveway hackberry. She sat in “brick” posture for a long time, with head cocked to look straight downwards. All of a sudden, she stood erect (all of a sudden, the “brick” had LEGS), drew her wings up, like an Olympic diver on the high board, and dived onto her prey (unseen by me) in the vicinity of the lumber pile. I never saw her come up, so I don’t know what prey, or whether successful.
7:13PM, an owl swooped north up the driveway at low elevation (below roof level, so no silhouette to track).
9:13PM. A flying squirrel appeared in the box, burrowed and scratched around in the shavings, and appeared to depart with some prime shavings. Is this the reason we’ve seen shavings trailing up to the entrance hole on several previous occasions?

January 25, 2009
AM, T= 45, overcast, cold, and damp
6:15AM. T spotted an owl (male?) sitting alone, high up in hackberry east of the Birdfeeder tree, looking north; a second later, he was gone. 6:44AM, male landed on box, 6:46AM entered box, turned around a few times, departed at 6:47AM, flying low over Evans sand box to the NE. At 6:50AM, male was back again on the external perch of box, and at 6:51AM, departed again, flying east of the shop, high up. Connie thought he might be heading for liveoak roost.
7:01A. He’s back; birds chirping, getting pretty light out; Conn now thinks he is here to stay. 12:50PM, male spending a lot of time grooming. At 12:58PM, he just cut loose with a single trill, sounded loud. From the upstairs shop, I had wondered whether I had heard an earlier trill (would have been around 12 noon). We could not hear the female answering, but maybe from the right vantage outside it would be possible to hear an answer.
Bellewood note: Dad reported today that he heard a descending trill around dusk at Bellewood. This is our first indication that an owl is present over there.
PM, T=50, overcast, dampish, and cool
6:13 PM, Male flew to perch on box. He gave the “Geiger-counter” box call for a while, ending in a trill. Then he flew to crepe myrtle area. He trilled from that area. Female showed up, perching on the coaxial cable on the hackberry over driveway. She flew to Weaving Room branch, he immediately flew from myrtle to join her, jumped on top. A second of wing-flapping, chittering (and who knows what else) ensued. They both departed towards the crepe myrtle and hunted over Evans front yard for a minute.

January 24, 2009
AM, T= 56, overcast and breezy, front moving in
6:54AM. Connie spotted an owl (male?) who came up the driveway, or from the oak by computer room, perched briefly on the driveway branch, and then headed northward through the gap. I did not see him anywhere around the birdfeeder area, so we presume he was heading for the liveoak roost.
PM, T=47, overcast, dampish, and cool
6:11PM. Male flew to external perch on box, began “Geiger-counter” box call, ending in monotonic trill. After another bout of trilling, he left this perch at 6:13PM and swooped low along driveway to perch in crepe myrtle by gate, where he trilled again (same pitch). At 6:15, female flew through gap and landed on Weaving Room branch. Male immediately joined her there, jumped on top of her, brief wing flapping, chittering (and who knows what else) ensued. After a second, they both flew to the crepe myrtle. F flew either to the live oak or W along the front of the house. M flew to a lower crepe myrtle branch, a hunting perch; went then to the burr oak on the verge. 6:19P he flew W after the F.

January 23, 2009
AM, T= 57, calm
Walked w/T to the bus stop at 6:30 this morning. It was mild, and moist smelling, just starting to pink up, with a slip of moon rising in the southeast. On my return I saw an owl, largish, on a dead limb right at the NW corner of Northwood and Woodland, hunting the front yard. I waited to see where it would go to roost, as it was getting pretty light now—past time, I would have thought, to get to shelter. At last she (?) flew right past me, very low (I can see why they get hit by cars), heading up over a roof and into the interior of the NE block of Northwood/Woodland. Not our owl.
Got back to our house at 7A, to find an owl in our box; unexpected, as it is so warm outside. 7:10A it pulled its head back in and settled on the inner perch. I will be interested to get a trill out of this one—it looks larger than the male, but the female doesn’t stay in the box much. Which is it?
2:51P; just out of nowhere the owl gave a trill. I went to the piano—E above middle C, which makes this the male.
PM, T=70
6:10P, M has his head in the opening; flies NE, over ev roof. No further sightings all evening.

January 22, 2009
AM, T=45, clear
No observations this morning
PM, T=70
With C inside and T outside we waited in vain for owls to visit the driveway. C saw an owl hop down from the foliage perch at around 6P, but nothing further.