March 10, 2009
AM, T=73, strengthening S wind

Spot checks at 4:00, 4:30, and 5:00AM all showed female either on her eggs or once out on the Honda branch (close to the nest box); male was on the Stub Perch a lot.
6:20A, walking on Woodland saw an owl in the 600 block in the big liveoak on the N side of the street. I wondered if it was ‘our’ owl or not. It nabbed something insect-like in a short, quick flight and flew away S down the K’s driveway headed toward our box, so I guess it was. But returning to the house at 6:26A I found the male on the Stub perch, female on her eggs. It seems likely that “our” owls range north of Woodland St. (i.e., one block north of the nest-box location) to hunt. 6:49A, M has been hunting the driveway, periodically heading through the gap going N; maybe he is making runs to the liveoak on Woodland. The hunting has all been in the canopy rather than on the ground, which says insects and moths to me. He brought an insect to the perch for the female, who ate it and flew N herself. He stayed on the perch for several minutes before continuing to catch insects near the box.
female returned and went in the box; male continues to forage.
7:12A , male came to the outside perch, female left going N, and the M stayed there until she returned at 7:18A. Now she is on the eggs. I didn’t see the M enter the Boy box; either I missed it or he is roosting elsewhere today.
PM, T=73, breezy
7:44PM, Male left Boy Box (he was there, after all) and flew south to crepe myrtle. Just like last night, female remained quietly on top of her eggs until 7:50PM, when she flew north. Female returned to box and was back on her eggs at 8:00PM. Female went N out of the box at 8:24P; male, sitting on the Stub branch instantly went to the external perch for a minute, then followed her N at 8:26; both back in at 8:28PM, on eggs and Stub branch
9:46P, male trilled from the outer perch and the female answered, then joined him at the entrance; I was watching from the computer so I could only see her back, but I could hear all the antiphonal trilling, and could see that she got fed something. Then she launched out the door. The male stayed on the ext. perch for a minute then also left. She returned at 9:50P