March 31, 2009
AM, T=70

5:45AM; Peeping and clucking, female and one chick and two more eggs n the box.
Heard a couple of food deliveries in the wee hours. This morning in the box I can see that there is something cached in the box, which looks like the remnant of a bird meal. The F is sitting differently, with wings slightly akimbo. She dragged the cached food under her and tore more of it apart (the microphone is just so cool; I could hear bones crunching); she fed it to the peeping owlet while she clucked.
6:30A, out of the box, but I was out of the house so I didn’t see what was under her. I only hear one cheeping, though.
7:06A, male flew from the Stub branch to his day roost today in the tree east of the shop (Football perch, under the canopy of grape leaves at the top of the spindly little tree).
8:00AM, Female is crunching on what sounds like eggshell again. Either she is still cleaning up from owlet #1 or another has hatched.
10:23A, female has dragged over the cached bird(?) part to tear at for the babies. Cheeping has taken a jump in volume and urgency. I think I am hearing cheeping from at least 2 little sources.
It is getting windier, with radar showing storms approaching from the west.
Noon, T=61; F has been clucking/vocalizing off and on all morning and afternoon. She dragged the rest of the carcase over and polished it off.
PM, T=67, very light breeze
7:48PM, Male left his roost in the “Football” tree, east of shop and flew east. This is a little earlier than his previous routine.
At 8:05PM, male delivered a gecko. At some point, when the female was up at the front of the box, we spotted two chicks. Connie thinks the second egg may have been hatched about 8 AM. There may still be at least one unhatched egg. Around 8PM, the female spent time tearing the gecko into bits for the chicks.
At 8:12PM, male delivered an insect. 8:20PM, Male delivered a second fat gecko. 8:43PM, Male delivered gecko no. 3 (wow, isn’t that the Texas bag limit?). Madame laid this one out by the entrance for a bit and then proceeded to mince it up for the chicks.
9:11P, Male delivered a large moth. 9:45P, more food