May 5, 2009
AM, T=66

The owlets and parents are still over the driveway, low down. The parents are finding plenty of bugs to feed them. As it got light they all congregated in the tree by the E side of our house. I can look straight up from a front window and there they are: 6 owl bodies, which means the 4 owlets are still alive and together.
4PM, T=84,

Still in the same roost spot, though shifted around a bit. They are about 8’ above roof level, not high compared with treetop roosts from last year.
8:00P, and the evening action is on. All of the owlets are in the crepe myrtle, rasping away. They are quite active, jumping from branch to branch, bobbing their heads. Both parents are delivering bugs and geckos (we assume) constantly.
Eventually they moved up into the trees and west over the roof.