May 6, 2009
(Tom): When I walked out the backdoor this morning at 6:10AM, thinking to sneak down the driveway and check for owls in the that location, I walked right into them. There were some buzzes over my head in the hackberry which used to have the Van Ek nest box, but the first birds I saw were actually sitting on the big pecan limb over the neighbor’s carport. Somebody bill clapped softly, so I just backed into the kitchen and then exited via front door.
PM, when C got home, past 3p, there was at least one adult in the roost tree next to the house—where the adults are, there will be the fledglings. 8PM, we listened at all the windows for the owlets’ rasp but heard nothing. Couldn’t locate them til it got a bit darker, then found them in the crepe myrtle again. They flew (yes flew) across the driveway and over the roof to the west. We went out to walk around the block and found them in the quarter block at Reagan/Woodland. They are excellent flyers now. Watched a parents catch and feed an insect to one of them—another difference: they are separated, not all together in the same tree, or even the same yard.