May 7, 2009
AM, T=77 already; muggy and overcast

At 5:30 couldn’t locate the owlets by rasping or flight; 6:20A saw the M on the driveway branch. 6:30A the owlets are clumping in their roost in the oak on the E side of the house, just over the roof.
6:35A, the F arrowed away through the gap to the back yard. On a hunch I went to the back door and there she was, bathing in the owl pond. Lots of splashing and staring black eyes. She spent 10 minutes on a low branch drying out and preening. It is hard to look vigilant and parental when you are vigorously shaking your feathered booty in a tree. Finally dry, she went and jumped in again. It was completely light by now, with cardinals and squirrels and jays all around, but no one paid any attention to her.
All quiet, 6 owls in a tree, by 7:30A.
PM, T=88, hot
Owls were there all day, clumped.
8:20P, first one owlet flew down to the crepe myrtle, then another, then two more; much rasping and larking about. Eventually they all flew to the driveway branch to where the F was sitting, then back to the myrtle, then up and over our roof, going W. We stood expectantly at the back door watching for them to come to the owl pool, but they continued over our heads, westward, to Reagan/Woodland area. Good hunting.