Friday May 29, 2009 AM
6:15A, Mom came to drink at the owl pool, accompanied by her offspring. They were fascinated, and one of them hopped down to try it out. He/she sat on the edge, then dipped one foot in and froze, other foot curled up and butt resting on the edge, unable to go further. All of them wanted to stay and experiment but dawn caught up with them in the various personae of sparrows, jays and squirrels. They roosted in the hackberry branch directly over the roof.
PM, T=86
Started rasping at 8:15P. I had the shop open but elected to stay in the kitchen watching the deck, assuming that they would not be able to resist the allure of water. But our neighbors came out and fussed in the driveway; at any rate, the owlets went to our driveway, jumping around from crepe myrtle to computer room oak to Driveway branch (3 in a row but far too dark for a picture). They eventually moved north, but not to the back yard, nor the deck. Don’t know where they went next.