September 23, 2009
AM, cooling finally, in the 60’s at night
This morning watching the driveway I saw both owls. One came E of the shop, one W; one sat on the boy box perch, one on the Honda branch. The owl on the perch flew to a high branch above the driveway—the M by its size. It swooped over to the garage roof to pluck something up, then back to the branch where it ate the crunchy something. It flew to the boy box perch again, briefly, then to the nest box perch, briefly, then to its roost E of the shop.
Both owls are roosting in the football tree outside the shop window.

September 19, 2009
Two owls are roosting in the Football tree.    Maybe this fits with the monotonic trilling.   I like to think it’s our same old couple.

September 18, 2009
We heard monotonic trills several times this week.  The latest was around 5 AM.

September 7, 2009
Descending trills at 10:45PM, perhaps from hackberry over the driveway.

September 5, 2009
We have heard descending trills several times in the last few weeks.  Timing has ranged from near-sundown to midnight (maybe once in the wee hours).   On Sept.3, Connie thought she saw two owls fly, in succession, from the Football Perch.    On Sept 5 at 7:47PM (dusk), I saw an owl “arrow” from east of the shop to the crepe myrtle by Grady’s window.   5 minutes later, it moved (maybe to hackberry limb over the driveway), and I heard one bout of descending trills.   I think the starting pitch for the descending trills was approximately D in the second octave above Middle C (in other words, a ninth above Middle C).