October 31, 2009
Halloween AM, clear and in the 50’s
6:07AM,  had the box monitor on and was watching for owls in the weaving room. I heard a single thump from the microphone and came to investigate: an owl was sitting on the perch. It eventually poked its head in to look around and even came in briefly (pic ‘Halloween visitor’). It sat in the entrance hole for a minute before leaving. No vocalizing or advertising, just checking the real estate.
The male, by the size of it.

October 26, 2009
T heard an owl at 12:30AM somewhere in the driveway; 7 bouts of descending trills

October 21, 2009
AM, SE and slight breeze; expecting rain and cold front tomorrow
6:30AM, saw an owl (NOO) at the bus stop, Northwood and Bayland, M by the small size of it. Flew across a yard and onto a low branch; looks like it was hunting the yard below it.
Owls still roosting here E of the shop, but we don’t see them much in the morning or evening.
T has been doing repair work on the owl boxes, getting ready for the next season. JP’s fell down out of the tree; cause was a broken turnbuckle due, we think, to sheer trunk growth in the past 2 years. Time for inspection and upgrading on this unit.

October 13, 2009
AM SE warm wet wind again; faintly misty
7:05AM, owl catching insects in the mid-canopy near the roost tree E of shop.

October 12, 2009
AM, rainy drippy
3AM? Noisy cat altercation outside. We heard two owl calls in response (“Can you keep it down out there?!”), neither monotonic nor descending trills; perhaps the ‘rattle cackle’ call, indicating annoyance.