January 31, 2010
AM, T=35, cloudy and cold, light breeze
Looked all over for owls and saw none. Then at 6:40AM, heading for the car, there was one on the stub branch. T says there was none in the box, though, when he got home.
PM, T=40, still cloudy but still
6:23PM, owl flies to the trash tree in the back. I think this is the F, but it is cold and a fluffed up M can look big. Cuts loose a thumper over the aluminum canoe underneath.
6:27PM Flies through the gap. As I leave the bathroom window to look out a driveway window I hear an owl land on the box perch and start the box cluck. There is an owl on the perch and one in the Honda branch. I really think it is the F at the box, clucking. The other (M?) flew W up to or over the roof. F at the box flew to the Honda branch and remained there until 6:33PM, then also flew, although I didn’t see where. There are no owl in the driveway—I think they both went W over the house roof.

January 30, 2010, Saturday
AM T=35F.

6:48AM. When I turned on the cam, there was an owl inspecting the box. Fluffed the shavings once, then left.
PM: T=36F.
6:21PM, Female flew from north to Birdfeeder Branch, joined a few seconds later by the male. Somebody trilled once, then male jumped on top of female and a few seconds of wing-flapping (and who knows what else) ensued. Window was closed, so I could not hear any chittering. Both owls flew west towards Van Ek’s, and when I checked at the kitchen door, the female was sitting on the Thistlefeeder Branch. She sat for 2 minutes, and then flew north into the ligustrum by Klein’s house. I lost sight of her after that.

January 29, 2010, Friday
AM, T=59, front passed at 5:30-6AM with thunder and lightning;
PM, T=48 windy and getting colder by the minute

6:18pm F in the birdfeeder tree, joined w/in a minute by M. coundn’t hear any vocalization through the closed window. F flew through the gap to the Honda branch, sat for a few minutes and the on down the driveway. The next instant I saw an owl on the Stub branch—same one or the male? No movement for a while; in a few minutes I checked and the Stub branch owl was gone but there was an owl on the wire under the eaves at the Evan’s front yard.

January 28, 2010, Thursday
PM: T=64F, overcast and humid, promising a front soon.

The cloud cover made it dark earlier tonight. Perhaps as a result, owls appeared earlier. At 6:10PM, female flew from north and landed on Birdfeeder Branch (same as last night). The male followed about 30 seconds later, and they exchanged places, with the male taking the female’s place, and the female moving up to a limb about 4 feet higher. After both pooping, they sat separately, scanning the ground. The female trilled once. At about 6:14 PM, they both flew west into Van Ek’s. I did not see them afterward.

January 27, 2010, Wednesday
AM T=?
. At 6:30AM, male was on the high Birdfeeder Branch. We had to leave at that point for work and hospital.
PM: T=63F.
At 6:19PM, female flew from north, appearing on Birdfeeder Tree. She was joined a few seconds later by the male. She trilled once. He jumped on top of her; some wing-flapping (and who knows what else) ensued, followed by chittering. He dropped down and flew through the Gap to driveway (possibly to Honda Branch). She sat for 2 minutes in the Birdfeeder Tree and then swooped low through the Gap. When I moved to the bedroom window, she was on the Stub Perch over the compost pile, and he was on the external perch of the nest box. The male gave a short segment of the “box call” (short, widely spaced hoots). The female flew from the Stub Perch to the crepe myrtle, and then to the Burr Oak at 6:22PM. The male flew from the nest box to a hackberry over the driveway, then disappeared around front of our house. The female sat in the Burr Oak in front of Evan for more than 20 minutes, and finally flew at 6:44PM.

January 25, 2010, Monday
No observations

January 24, 2010, Sunday
AM T=50F, mostly clear with scattered clouds.

Saw no owls, 6:30-7:00 AM.
PM: T=64F, mostly clear with beautiful sunset, after beautiful day.
6:11PM Female owl landed on Birdfeeder Branch, pooped, and scanned ground beneath. Thought I caught flicker of a wing in the ligustrum at Kleins. Female moved to another branch over carport. Flicker of wing as second owl (?????) arrowed to Thistlefeeder tree. Both owls flew through Gap (???). At 6:20PM, heard antiphonal trilling from area of Computer Oak / Crepe Myrtle. Connie spotted female in Crepe Myrtle, and owl moved then to Burr Oak. We lost contact after that.

January 23, 2010, Saturday
AM T=67F, overcast.

At 6:35AM, spotted female owl sitting motionless over canoe (in small hackberry east of Birdfeeder Tree). She pooped onto the canoe, and moved into the Birdfeeder Tree, where she continued to sit motionless, scanning the ground under the birdfeeder, for more than 10 minutes. At 6:46AM, she flew to the Honda Branch and after perching there for a while, flew to the exterior perch on the nest box. She looked inside, but did not enter. After a minute or two, she flew to the compost area, returning to the Honda Branch. At this point, the male owl appeared from east of the shop, flying up to the exterior perch on nest box. He also inspected from the outside, putting his head into the entrance, but not going inside. He flew northwards, female flew to Boy Box and may have entered briefly (couldn’t tell from my angle). Both owls were gone by 7AM.
PM: We were not around to observe near sunset. However, at 11:46PM, we heard three bouts of monotonic trilling from the driveway area, and from the low pitch we guessed it was the male owl. Five minutes later we heard higher-pitched monotonic trilling from the female.

January 22, 2010, Friday
AM T=63F
, Saw nothing
PM: Cooling a bit, windy.
Sat on shop stairs, side of house to watch. Around 6:15PM, female appeared on Honda Branch (from E. of the shop?). Sat for minute before flying to external perch of nest box. Male arrived on Honda Branch. Heard no vocalizing from our outside stations. Male flew north over garage roof, female flew through Gap, headed NW, about 6:25PM.

January 21, 2010, Thurs
no observation
PM, T=70? nice enough to sit on the front porch swing and have a beer with Rhys and Janet
6:10PM, glanced out at the nest box and saw an owl on the exterior perch; at the same time I heard the start of the Geiger hoot PLUS a monotonic trill–two owls. The owl swooped down into the Ev’s yard to the east and there was still an owl on the perch–both of them had been there together.