March 31, 2010
AM, T=57F, clear and breezy from the south

6:38am, Male, hanging around the driveway, went to the water bowl on the back deck. He was cautious but spent 5 min on the edge of it sipping water. Back to the driveway.
7:06am, Female left the nestbox to sit in the tree E of the shop. Stayed less than 3 min and returned to the box. There are a few feathers on the box floor (snack?), and some downy ones on the ladder at the entrance—could be from her brood patch, or could be scraped from a bird meal during the wee hours..
Male is in the same foliage roost as yesterday: in the nest-box tree, above and behind the nestbox, 10’ from it..
9:00am, a curious squirrel got more than it bargained for! The female waited until it stuck its head in the nest box, then threw herself at the entrance, than backward to free up her legs and expose her talons. That squirrel was out of there!

PM, T=71F, some cloudiness and still breezy.
The male was not in his morning roost in late afternoon. I can’t find him, so far. Aha! He moved into the Boy Box some time during the day. He exited Boy Box at 7:57pm, flying south and we lost sight of him at that point. Female left nest box shortly afterwards. F was back on her eggs at 8:03pm, after an absence of about 5 minutes.
9:15-9:19pm, F trilled softly though we didn’t hear or see the M land on the outer perch; he trilled once from outside and she left the box, going E of the shop. She returned 4 min later.
Few food deliveries, but could hear coming and going from the box during the small hours

March 30, 2010
AM, T=55, moon setting

6:50am, Female left the box; returned at 6:55am and settled onto the eggs;
Didn’t see the male; took me most of the day to find him in his day roost, in the nest-box tree—behind the nest box and above it, not 10’away. I found it because he was being lightly mobbed by, of all things, a red-vented bulbul.
PM, T=67; actually getting solidly warm during the day.
Male left his foliage roost at 7:52pm and flew south into the cherry laurel; 7:57pm he moved into Computer Oak, then above the sidewalk in front of the house in the small crepe myrtle by the sidewalk.
8:02pm, Female left the nestbox heading north, Male left the crepe myrtle going S across the street.
8:11pm, F returned to nest box.
8:18p and 8:27pm, M delivered katydids to the female, typical trilling pattern of soft descending trills by the female, answered by a low monotonic trill from outside the box by the male, just prior to sticking his head inside with the food item.
9:38pm was the last delivery I saw: probably another katydid, but could have been a lizard.

Can you spot him? (hint: upper right corner)

March 29, 2010
AM, T=55; overcast, clear and cool

No observations. There seem to be some new feather litter in the nest box this morning, and we suspect that a bird carcass may have been brought in some time during the wee hours. Male roosted again in the Boy Box, all day.
PM, T=64F. beautiful, clear, cool evening. Moon nearly full.
Male flew south from the Boy Box at 6:56pm, followed by female flying north from the nest box one minute later. Male hunted briefly in the Crepe Myrtle, and then continued south across the street to Art Park. Female was back on her eggs at 8:06pm (nine- minute absence tonight was slightly longer than last night’s 5 minutes)
10:25pm, 2am, 4-5am; several feedings from the M; accompanied by trilling by both owls; mostly moths.

March 28, 2010
AM, T=55; overcast, clear and cool

Female was in nest box when we first checked at 6:30am. There were no obvious piles of feathers from any new bird meals, but microphone suggested there had been possible food deliveries (some accompanied by male trills) during the wee hours (2, 3, 4am-ish).
Male is roosting in the Boy Box again today.
PM, T=54F. beautiful, cool, breezy day. Moon nearly full.
Female flew from nest box at 7:51pm, and was gone less than 6 minutes. Male left Boy Box a half minute after female flew from nest box; he flew down into Evan tree over sandbox, and we lost him after that. Female was back on her eggs at 7:57pm. Male delivered a katydid at 8:34pm, accompanied by the usual exchange of trills.
Heard a couple of deliveries during the night.

March 27, 2010
AM, T=58; overcast, warmer and more humid than yesterday

Female was in nest box on the eggs at 6:45am, left briefly around 7am, and was back on the eggs at 7:02am. Can’t see any scattered feathers or other evidence of a bird meal last night. Hopefully, there were a lot of smaller reptile/insect food items delivered when we were not watching. Loud cackle from female at 7:20am, perhaps in response to a trill from the male. Male was not roosting in the Boy Box today; interestingly, he was roosting on a branch of the nest-box tree, about 21 feet from the nest box, over the Evans roof. He was lightly razzed by mockingbirds and bluejays during the day, and rattled back at them but did not move.
PM, We went to watch Becky’s movie project in Woodland Park; no observations.

March 26, 2010
AM, T=55, clear and cool

We didn’t make any early morning observations (both feeling under the weather with colds). Female was off the eggs at 6:30am but back on them at 6:50am. Didn’t see her leave for her morning excursion. Male is roosting again in the Boy Box today.
PM, T=68, sunny, breezy day
Male still in the Boy Box; all quiet
7:48pm Female left nest box while it was still quite light, and flew north, but returned only 4 minutes later and got back down on the eggs at 7:52pm. Male left Boy Box 5 minutes later and flew straight down to Evan’s oak over sand box, but 2 minutes later flew north to Klein’s yard. 8:05pm, Female left nest box again, and was back 5 minutes later. We saw no food deliveries at all .

March 25, 2010
AM, T=53; clear; the sun is gleaming on the glass of the downtown skyline

Quiet morning; still dripping from rainstorms this morning.
6:52am, Female left the nestbox. I didn’t see the male anywhere. Didn’t see the female either—she didn’t come to the water dish, but there are plenty of puddles around from the earlier rain.
7:00pm, Female returned to the nest box.
7:08pm, Male went to the Boy Box , from the thicket E of our yard. We are not sure when he started roosting in the Boy Box (yesterday for sure), but it’s possible that he shifted his day roost about the time she completed her clutch of eggs (several days ago?). We have suspected for a few days that there might be four eggs, but tonight gave the first clear verification.
PM, T=61, clear, windy, and cool
Male left the Boybox at 7:52pm while it was still quite light, and flew south down the driveway, but must have stopped only briefly and reversed back over our house, because he was on the Birdfeeder Branch a minute later. Female left the nest box about 5 minutes later, at 7:57pm, at which time Connie clearly saw 4 eggs. We were not able to spot either owl (nobody bathing or drinking, for example), and less than 5 minutes later, she was back in the nest box, settling onto her eggs. 8:39pm First food delivery by the male; a gecko. No more food deliveries before we went to bed at 9:30pm. Hope there were more during the wee hours.

March 24, 2010
AM, T=61, cloudier today

A companionable morning for the owls. 6:50am the M arrived on the perch and trilled , joined by the F; she left the box.
They both went to the back yard, to the water dish. F went first while the M watched from the orchid branch; her usual sipping from the water at her feet. Only 2 minutes this time, then she lumbered up to the Orchid branch and the M took his place in the water dish. As he was bathing the F flew from the yard and I heard her immediate arrival at the nest box; back on the eggs. The M flapped and dipped and bathed, then flew to the boybox; although he eventually spent the day there he first flew up to the tree over the house, to the Honda branch by the nest box, to the nestbox perch, before committing himself the the boybox.
PM, T=62, nearly constant misty drizzle from 11am onward;
M left the boybox shortly before the F left the nestbox at 7:44pm. Both disappeared from our view. M was in the backyard for a minute, on the Honda branch near the nest box for a minute, otherwise I didn’t see him anywhere.
F was back in the box by 8pm—hardly a break. No food deliveries yet.
8:11pm, F is giving small trills; M returned mono-tr, delivered a small insect.
8:22pm, F is giving small trills; M returned mono-tr, delivered another small bit of food.
8:28pm, same format, this time a bug, maybe a cockroach?

March 23, 2010
AM, T=41, clear

5am, F not on the eggs; could see 3 clearly
5:50am, F on the eggs
6:10am, moth delivery from the M
At 6:55am the M came to the entrance, trilled once. The F left the box and, though I caught sight of an owl in the back yard, went somewhere unknown. She returned at 7:04am and is now back on her eggs.
PM, T=68, some light clouds moving in
Quiet day, all in all.
7:35pm, Female moved into the entrance of nest box. Can see 3 eggs.
7:48pm, female flew from nest box, appearing shortly after in Birdfeeder Tree. About 7:52pm, she flew directly to water dish, where she sat in water, drinking until almost 8pm. She flew north to gazebo roof and appeared to be hunting that yard, with one foray into yard to the east, and back to gazebo.
8:10pm, she was back on her eggs, settling with an “egg shimmy”. Will she be getting food deliveries soon?
8:17pm, male delivered a large katydid. Nothing more, as of 9:36pm. Hungry night?

March 22, 2010
AM, T=43, wind has finally died down; clear

4:40am, F was not on the eggs. Messy box, but I don’t think there is any new food cached
5:30am, F is on the eggs
6:15am, crunching coming from the cam microphone: the F is eating. I don’t know if there was a food delivery or if this is her cache.
6:22-6:24, the M came to the outer perch, sat silently for a bit, then stuck his head in; then stuck his whole body in, trilling softly; he landed on the box bottom, pretty much on top of the F, who chittered quietly (“watch out for the eggs, you oaf”). He turned around and left again.
6:45am, I can hear the bird world waking up
6:55am, M came to the perch; they trilled once in unison, then he flew off. She went to the entrance, then out. The M is at the boy box, watching the nest box. She went E of the shop, then around back to the water dish. Spent about 3 minutes in the water, sipping; then back around the shop. By 7:02 she was back in the box on her eggs again and the M is gone, probably to roost. I remember this from last year—M hangs around the nestbox while the F gets her morning constitutional. It is now 7:15, fully light and very close to sunrise (7:22am)
PM, T=51, quiet and clear
No obsvns tonight;