April 1, 2010
AM, T=63F, breezy

6:50am, Female was called to the nest-box entrance by the male’s trilling and was fed something small; she left the nest box and was back in 5 minutes.
By 7AM the male was in his foliage roost in the nest-box tree, above and behind the nest box. Lots of bird calls today. M changed his roost back to the Boy Box some time during the afternoon.
PM, T=69F, cloudy, south wind
7:40pm, she has had her head out twice, then returned to the eggs.
7:52pm Male left Boy Box and flew south to cherry laurel, then to Computer Oak. C saw him on the lowest branch, his new poop branch? He pooped—could hear the soft plop-plop in the oak leaves. Then he leaned forward and heard another plop–a pellet. I’ll have to go find it tomorrow morning when it is light out.
At 7:57pm, M flew north through the Gap towards yard to N, and we lost contact with him at that point. Female stayed in nest box until 8:06pm (seemed unusually late and dark for her), when she flew north, returning 8 minutes later to settle back down on her eggs.
9:54pm, Female left the box, returned and back on eggs at 9:59pm.
10:23pm, trilling and food item from the M; getting pretty windy out.