April 2, 2010
AM, T=67F, cloudy, periodically gusty from SE. Front coming.

6:28am; Male arrive on the outer perch to trill; Female remained on the eggs, so he flew away again (E of the shop)
Male is hanging around in upper driveway branches and Evan’s back yard. He came again to the outer perch, trilled, flew to a distant branch and trilled quietly again. Nothing from the F, so he flew north.
6:44am; Female left the nest box; returned at 6:50am and into the box.
Male went to his foliage perch in the nest-box tree, behind the nest box.
PM, T=70; cloudy and humid.
7:47pm, Male came off his day roost and flew to a branch a couple of feet from the nest box. After a minute he flew to the external perch of the box and spent 2 minutes perched quietly, perhaps getting up to date on his mate’s hunger level, the state of the eggs, and other family gossip.
At 7:50p he flew S to the cherry laurel, then to the crepe myrtle; he went out to the sidewalk crepe myrtle for a few minutes then retraced his flight northward to the Computer Oak, and finally north up our driveway, exiting to east at 7:57pm.
7:59 F left the nest box, returning at 8:06pm to settle back down on the eggs. She is very quiet, waiting to be fed.