April 5, 2010
AM, T=67, cloudy and windy

F left the box only very briefly around 6:45am. Male was hunting and hanging around the nest box/driveway area. He sat for a while on the Honda branch, just watching the box, then flew to his perch behind and above it—settled for the day, I thought; squirrels starting to run the branches, mockers and cardinals doing morning song. At the last possible moment, 7am, he jetted into the Boy box. Stayed there all day.
PM, T=78, cloudy and windy from S
7:55pm, M gone from the Boy box
8:10 M delivered a moth to the F, who ate it and followed him out the door. The F then got off her eggs to go investigate.
8:19 F returned to the nest box; no owls came to the water dish while I watched this evening.
8:34 Food tidbit from M to F
10:13pm, M came with a katydid; he trilled and waited but the F would not come to the entrance and remained silent; so he left with it. At 10:17 the F left the box to—eat? Investigate?
Raccoons were rowdy outside last night