April 6, 2010
AM, T=67, cloudy

Female waited until 7 to leave the box for the bamboo thicket E of the shop; unfortunately she was spotted by a jay before she even arrived there. No use pooping in public, so she came straight back to the box and stayed.
Male spent the day in his foliage roost in nestbox tree, 12 feet from the nest box.
PM, T=72, cloudy and windy from S
8:00pm, Male left his day roost and flew south to the cherry laurel, at which point I lost sight of him. 8:05pm, female was up in the entrance of the nest box, for a minute, but then got back down on her eggs.
Food deliveries: 8:35pm, 9:11pm. The latter may have been some reptile, because it seemed to take a bit of time to swallow.