April 7, 2010
AM, T=69F, cloudy, south wind

6:35am, Female was not in the box when I checked; she returned to the nest box at 6:40am
Male spent the half hour before dawn in high perches near the nest box. At 6:52am he chose a new day perch—in a clump of leaves 10ft above the Honda branch, looking down on the nest box entrance.
PM, T=72, cloudy and windy with advancing storm front
7:50pm, Female left nest box, very shortly afterwards, male arrived at nest box carrying a gecko, apparently expecting to feed it to the female. He entered the nest box, looked at the unattended eggs, and was apparently baffled enough by the absence of the female, that he departed, still carrying the gecko. He returned a minute later and actually sat on the bottom of the box, flummoxed. Possibly he met and fed her somewhere north of the shop.
7:54pm, F returned to nest box and settled down on eggs.
8:28 and 8:30pm, M delivered geckos (he must have found the mother lode (T’s shop light is on)).
9:15pm, moth to F from M, w/trilling; scales are everywhere in the air.
9:42pm, a little rain from the oncoming front is rattling on the metal roof of the box. The F, loving rain, instantly jumped into the entrance and then out the door. Pisces?
9:45pm, F returned