April 9, 2010
, 6:15am Male landed on box, female trilled, expecting food perhaps, but male was apparently just there for a visit. Male roosted today east of the shop. It would be interesting to know why he has moved farther from the nest box for his day roost.
PM, T=64, clear
8:02pm, female left the nest box, returning via the driveway hackberry and the Honda Branch, at about 8:10pm.
8:14pm. Female left the box, apparently called out by the male for food. Something large? She returned and settled down on the eggs again at 8:17pm. A minute later, there was a mysterious hissing sound, and she jumped up into the entrance and perched head-out until 8:26pm. I spotted a big black cat walking on the top of the fence, but could not account for the hiss, nor for the female’s response.
9:11pm, moth delivery by male, w/trilling. A quick succession of food deliveries followed: 9:35pm, 9:38pm, 9:39pm.