April 13, 2010
AM, T=62F, clear, though hazy

6:30am, owl in the drinking dish; when it flew at 6:34am I heard the thump and scratch of the female returning to the nest box. When I looked out the back door there was an owl on the Birdfeeder branch. So which one was at the drinking dish—the male or the female? M was in Grapevine Roost east of the shop again today.
PM. T=70F, cool with high clouds
Male left his day roost at 8:03pm, flying due west over the roof of the shop. Two minutes later, female left nest box (8:05pm). We still have four eggs. Female returned and settled onto her eggs at 8:13pm. When she disturbs the shavings in bottom of the nest, lots of moth wing scales fly around like little dust motes.
8:38pm Moth delivered by the male.