April 14, 2010
AM, T=64, calm w/patchy coastal clouds

6:25am, female is out; 4 eggs
6:33am, male delivered something to the box; watching from the bedroom window, I could hear her chitter as he went into the box to hand it off. Exited to the back yard. So I went to peek at the water dish and sure enough, here comes the M. Perched on the edge, hopped in and sipped, gradually got more and more of his belly into it until he was splashing. Preened on birdfeeder branch.
6:40am, returned to the nestbox area, way up above the box over the compost—heard a pellet hit the leaves. Moved to the day roost right behind and 10 ft from the box. Does this mean hatching today?
8:40am, intermittent soft clucking from the female
PM, T=71, much breezier than this morning
Sometime during the day the M shifted to the Grapevine roost. The female has clucked in short bouts repeatedly, every hour or less (I am at the computer doing taxes, so I am around to hear it). We wonder if she is communicating with an incipient hatchling beneath her, or with the male outside. She is restless, poking around under her and shimmying.
8:03pm, the M left his roost, dropping to sit in the hackberry. Flew then to the cherry laurel. Not seen since.
8:08pm, F left the nestbox. There are still four eggs. There is a squeaky sound coming from the microphone, whether from inside the box or out I can’t tell. It wouldn’t surprise me to find there is a 5th egg hatchling against the wall. Or maybe the sound is coming from an emerging owlet.
8:20pm, F returned to the eggs; the squeaking sound has stopped.