April 15, 2010
AM, T=63, drippy and very humid, east breeze.

I can hear the tiny cheepy squeaking again, and the female is clucking softly; also snapping at what might be mosquitoes in the box.
5:40am, male trilling softly from outside the box. F remains on the eggs/hatchling(s).
5:44am, male trilling softly from outside the box
6:16am, M delivered something to the F; she got up into the entrance to retrieve it, revealing a hatchling, two eggs and the possible curve of a third against the back wall. The food bit is part of a bird, which she tore and crunched, ate part of and is now feeding to a cheeping owlet underneath her. Food is cached at the front of the box.
9:00am, Female is eating eggshell, by the sound of it. This is either the shell of the first chick or another has hatched underneath there.
2:30pm, there are two hatchlings now.
PM, T=72, much breezier than this morning
The male was in his day roost under the grapevine. Around 7:50pm, female got up in the entrance, giving a view of the box floor. Only one egg was visible, which could indicate either that three owlets have hatched, or alternatively that one egg has gotten pushed to the back again, just out of view of the camera. Owlets are peeping off and on. It will be interesting to see if female leaves the box this evening, or just continues to brood the owlets.
Okay, both questions answered: at 8:20pm, male came to the box and called the female outside for a meal. She was gone for 8 minutes, but it was clear that we still have two owlets and two eggs. She didn’t carry any food item inside with her when she came back.
At 10pm, owlets are cheeping regularly. Haven’t seen them get fed, but maybe infrequent feeds are enough when they are this small.
10:38pm, male delivered a gecko. Female took it and either ate it or is feeding it to her wigglers. There appear to be more carcase and feathers than earlier this evening. She has a cache.