April 16, 2010
AM, T=68, humid w/low cloud cover, breezy from E

5:30am, F returned to the nest box, greeted by cheeping/squeaking/chirping. Only heard all this, so have no visual confirmation of how many chicks have hatched. There are two large bird pieces cached at the front of the box (qv).
6:45am, as I am sitting here writing this I hear the staccato alarm calls of the cardinals in the backyard. Went to check: the male owl is bathing in the water dish. It is very light out.
6:50am, M has taken up his morning position above and behind the nestbox.
7:05am, F pulled over one of the cached pieces and snacked. This did not include feeding hatchlings
PM, T=72
7:13pm, cache snacking and crunching in progress.
7:47pm, Mom finally moved to the entrance and K could see 3 owlets and 1 unhatched egg.
8:07pm, F left for 7 minutes.
8:22pm, Dad brought a moth, judging by the scales floating around as Mom ate.