April 17, 2010
AM, T=67, cloudy and windy

4am Mom dragged in a bird and fed it to owlets (video). Could not see an egg, but it might be pushed to the back
5:45am, Male trilling from outside, just once; ignored
6:05am, Male trilled once quietly; female got off the chicks and went out the door. It is clear we have 3 chicks and still one egg. Within 2 min. the F returned with a large chunk of bird, cached it and settled back down on the nestlings. Clearly, the M did the hunting and dismembering—there was no time for the female to have done it.
6:30am, Male trilling from outside; F left the box—nestlings are quiet, all in a row
6:38am, the M came to the entrance but found no F to deliver to, so left again.
8:41am, F is back, with something small to eat in her beak. We found cedar waxwing feathers on the driveway this morning; favorite owl prey?
3pm, Female gave one long cackle from inside box. It has been a while since I heard an egg clunking on the floor.
PM, T=73
7:41pm, F hopped to the entrance. Still one unhatched egg! Owlets piled together, presumably for warmth. 7:43pm, F back in the box.
8:04pm, F trilled from inside box. Didn’t hear M trill.
8:14pm, F left the box. 8:20pm, an owl returned and hopped to the floor for just a second to check on chicks, then back out—could have been the M looking for the F. She returned to stay at 8:24pm.
8:33pm, F snapped at an annoying fly. I think she got him.
8:34pm, moth delivery.
8:40pm. F eating something crunchy.
Midnight, F left the box in response to trilling male; three chicks and one egg still