April 18, 2010
AM, T=66, moderately cloudy, rain in the forecast.

4:50am, Female is ripping up bird chunks from a piece beneath her and feeding two chicks visible under her right wing (video)
5:40am, F out of the box, exposing a huddle of chicks; as they shifted around they revealed the egg—so it is still three chicks and one egg (video).
5:48am, F returned to the box and settled in
6:35am F left box, returning at 6:36am. Connie reports male in Birdfeeder Tree (headed for a bath?). Time for a couple of sips of water from the dish, then back to the canopy near the nest box.
6:53am, the male is busted from his roost by a bluejay and takes refuge in the boy box.
PM, T=68F, overcast, moist, following rain in afternoon
7:55am. Male left Boy Box, flew south to Crepe Myrtle, then to Computer Oak.
8:02pm Female left nest box. In her absence, there was a clear view of three owlets, huddled together for warmth. No sign of fourth owlet, or of egg (either could be against back wall, of course.)
8:20pm Female returned to nest box, apparently carrying something which she fed immediately to owlets.
8:36pm. Raining. How will this affect hunting?