April 19, 2010
AM, T=64F, light rain and drippiness all night long

4am, Female and male trilling. Female is feeding owlets
5-5:30, lots of trilling from the male 5:35am, Female just finished with cache. Floor or the nest box is covered in feathers—what a mess!
PM, T=64F, overcast, moist, following rain at midday
7:55pm Female had been feeding owlets on scraps from the floor in early evening.
I can’t spot the male; don’t know where he roosted today. 8:15pm, female is continuing to brood the owlets, and has not left the box, so no chance to count owlets. Maybe male will call her outside for a big food item. Only one food delivery, a moth, at 9:41pm. Female has not left the box this evening.