April 21, 2010
, no observations.
PM, T=72F, high clouds
7:57pm Female got up into the entrance of nest box. 8:05 pm, Male appeared on Honda Branch, arriving from over the garage roof. Earlier, I had not been able to spot him under the Grapevine Roost, but judging by his flight path, he might actually have been roosting there, or in the yard to the north. After a minute, he flew back N or NW, high over garage. 8:07pm, Female left nest box. Owlets are clustered toward rear corner of the box: I can count three owlets, and no view of egg (if it’s present at all). Owlets are sitting motionless, and it’s apparent we’re not going to achieve a more accurate head count tonight, since nobody is moving. 8:25pm, She returns, with moth, which she feeds to owlets. This is not going to be enough to keep this crowd happy! Based on sounds from the box, the male made several more food deliveries between 9pm and 11pm, but no visual i.d. of these items.