April 22, 2010
AM,T=61F, humid, overcast

5:30am Female was out of the box. Three owlets were visible. Female returned at 5:35am, carrying what appeared to be a large piece of a bird (video). Female left the box again at 6:16am. Again, three owlets were visible. Recent observations seem to point to the likelihood that Egg #4 was a dud and has been disposed of. Nice pink sunrise is cranking up at 6:30am, and Ms. Owl is still out hunting or bathing. She returned at 6:38am, not carrying any food.
PM, T=72F, high clouds
I located the male’s foliage roost this afternoon; he’s in the small oak tree just east of the shop window (the “Possum Tree”), high up, perhaps 8 feet above the elevation of the nest box. Male left his roost at 8:01pm and flew north. Female left nest box at 8:05pm. Male arrived at box at 8:21pm, carrying some small insect like a beetle, looked in, appeared baffled by the absence of Mom, and pulled out again to sit on the outside perch. After thinking the problem through, he popped back in, stuffed the bug into the mouth of the nearest owlet, and left in a hurry. Mosquitos are pestering the owlets. Female still gone at 8:39pm; a serious hunting effort? Female returned at 9:15pm, not carrying anything. Microphone picked up several food deliveries during the wee hours.