April 23, 2010
AM,T=74F,warm and humid, pattering rain

6:30am Female was out of the box, returning at 6:45am. She sat for a while in the entrance of nest box, perhaps enjoying the rain. Back in the box, she spent a while feeding the three owlets and also grooming them (video). We’ve decided that this is the final count of owlets for this season. At 7am, female got up into the entrance and sat, head out, giving very soft, high-pitched descending trills. She appeared to be communicating with the male, but was it a food request?
PM, T=78F, warmish and a bit humid
Couldn’t spot the male’s roost spot today. Female left the nest box at 8:06pm. As KAS noted, female spent a lot of the day either in the entrance of the nest box, or up on a perch inside the box, rather than brooding the owlets. Maybe this means they can regulate their own temperatures now (plus, the weather is quite warm). A parent poppped into the box at 8:26pm, delivered one insect to an owlet, and left again immediately. Based on this behavior, I’m guessing it was the male. Female was back in the box when I looked at 8:45pm, but don’t know exactly when she returned. 8:48 Moth delivered by mail (video of “snow globe” effect). Female out at 9:20pm