April 24, 2010
AM,T=75F,warm and humid, pattering rain, turning very windy, then cooling

5:20am Female was out of the box. Three owlets were piled together. Male (?) popped in at 5:33am, dropping off what appeared to be a gecko, which was choked down by one owlet (video). Second gecko from the male at 5:48am. Third gecko at 5:49am ! (video, slightly late). Fourth gecko at 6:01am (video). Fifth gecko at 6:03am. Sixth and seventh geckos at 6:20am and 6:28am. Female returned at 6:50am, when it was quite light outside. She was not carrying food, and she got up onto the corner perch for a few minutes, before hopping down to brood the owlets.
PM, T=77F, warm and clear
Didn’t spot the male’s roost today, either. Female spent a lot of time up in the entrance to nest box this afternoon. She flew from nest box at 8:09pm. At 8:23pm, she was back with something (probably a bird) that she immediately began tearing up and feeding to owlets. She left the box again, and was back at 9:34pm, tearing up something else for the owlets.