April 25, 2010
AM,T=64F,clear and still in morning, windy in afternoon.

5:50am Female was out of the box. She returned at 6:21am, not carrying any new food, but proceeded to pick up a remnant piece of bird carcass on the floor and fed the owlets. At 6:34am, the male appeared, in the face of vociferous mobbing from birds outside the box (including a very loud robin), to drop off a large katydid. The owlets have learned to make full-blown rasping noises at feeding time. Mom is spending much of her “box time” up on the perch in the corner, rather than sitting on the floor with the owlets.
PM, T=80F, warm and clear
I did find the male’s day roost today: he’s back in the “Football” roost, as high up under the grapevines as he can get. He’s quite hard to see there. As she did yesterday, female spent a lot of time up in the entrance to nest box this afternoon. About 8pm, she was in the entrance, making soft, high-pitched descending trills ( advance food requests to roosting male?). She flew from nest box at 8:09pm. 8:25pm, Male delivered a moth (?). The lucky receiver got pecked a few times by the nearest, disgruntled owlet. Watch carefully for a “pass interference” penalty on the next play. 8:29pm Katydid delivery from male (video). 8:33pm. Female returned and immediately started tearing up a bird. I didn’t see her carrying anything when she arrived: was this previously cached? She left again (when I was not watching). 9pm. Insect (?) delivery from the male. 9:02pm, Moth from the male.