April 26, 2010

Female was in box at 5:40am.
PM, T=79F, clear and warm
Female was up in the entrance of nest box at 8pm, after spending much of the early evening on the corner perch above the owlets. At least one owlet has opened its eyes. There is something on the floor of the nest that looks an awful lot like a chunk of styrafoam cup; where in the world did that come from? Female flew from the nest box at 8:05pm. It was very warm today; I wonder if the parents will head for the drinking bowl tonight. At 8:41pm, female was back in box, tearing up something large for the owlets. I was in the kitchen, washing dishes (that’ll teach me!) so I missed seeing her bring it in. After a spell of feeding owlets, female left the box again at 8:52pm.