April 27, 2010

Female brought a bird into the box at 6:15am and fed it to the owlets.
PM, T=70F, clear and warm
First food delivery by male was 8:27pm (lizard or insect; not sure)..8:31 pm Female returned to nest box with a bird, entering so fast I couldn’t even catch her on camera. In her forceful efforts to tear it up, using violent, vertical pulls, she managed to bonk her head on the underside of the perch, 3 times in a row. You’d think she’d move the operation a few inches away, but…. (?). 8:41pm, Male delivered a cockroach to the female, which she ate herself. By 8:49pm it appeared that the bird was consumed. Owlets must all have “puppybelly” now. At 9:37pm, female is feeding owlets again on what looks like a bird (could it be a piece of the earlier meal?). At 9:52pm, female is out of the box again, and she was still out an hour later.