May 31, 2010, Memorial Day
, no obsvn
PM, T=85
Brief walk around block; 3 owlets bobbing side by side in the big oak

May 30, 2010
AM, no obsvn
PM, T=84F, thunder storms building around us, none on us tonight. Increasing wind locally
8:45pm, walked around the block accompanied by lightning and muttering thunder; temperature cooling in the downdrafts from nearby storm cells.
The owlets were all 3 on the telephone wires on the S side of Woodland, opposite the oak and magnolia roost trees. Leaving that side of the street to them, I stopped under the oak to watch a bit. Within a minute I was strafed by a parent owl—bopped smartly on the head. It was done without distress cries or anything but it was pretty clearly a demand that I not linger any longer. I strolled on around the block.

May 29, 2010
AM, T=74F, still and hazy

No obsvn
PM, T=86F, hot and humid day. Mosquitoes have really ramped up
Walked around the block at full dusk. Owlets were in the magnolia on Woodland, rasping away. The parent didn’t come by until we crossed the street to get nearer to the fledglings, then it flew from across the street to feed and then quiet the chicks. It made no admonitory noised toward us, though. I wonder if they can recognize voices.

May 28, 2010
AM, hot and still
; No obsvn
thunderstorm popped up out of nothing, right at dusk. Got a good rain out of it. That will be the first storm (thunder, lightning, wind, rain) that the owlets have experienced out in the open world. The owlets are on both sides of the 600 block of Woodland. Still raining and the mosquitos are fierce, so I didn’t linger.

May 27, 2010
AM, T=72F, hazy sunshine

6:30am, too light for rasping, so we didn’t identify where the owlets are this morning. We assume they are still on the block north of us, across the street.
PM, T=83F at 8:30pm
Owlets still on N side of Woodland; they were in the big oak at dusk. One of the parents, on a hunting run, came across the street to check out a couple of neighbors and me, standing chatting on the sidewalk. The owl sat on the telephone pole watching us and two of the owlets flew over to join it. Adult swooped into the leaves over our head and plucked out a moth, which it fed to an owlet, much to the delight of the neighbor who had the binoculars at that point.
The idyll was interrupted by someone’s dog chasing a cat up the same tree, which caused the adult owl to swoop and hoot repeatedly—at the cat, not at us. But it eventually led the owlets back to the oak.

May 26, 2010
AM, T=a cool 70F, 5 degrees cooler than yesterday
6:20am, walk around the block yielded 3 owlets in the huge oak on Woodland, E side right over the street. Adult owl was on watch right below them, but silent.
PM, T=85F
8:30PM, same walk, owlets one tree west, in the magnolia. Their job at this point is just to stay up in the canopy and get used to flight—launching, balancing, managing their wings in the foliage, landing. They don’t yet visit the ground, or drink or bathe; they just stay up high and get fed.

May 25, 2010
, Too light by 6:30 to hear owl rasping; walked around the block but could not locate the owl family.
PM, still and hot
Walked around the block; heard rasping from the yard just west of the giant oak on the N side of Woodland. Seems to be coming from the back yard of the house with the magnificent magnolia next door to the awesome oak.

May 22, 2010, Saturday
, no sign or sound of the owlets this morning. We think they have moved farther N, but probably still within the interior of our block.
PM, took a walk around the block to see if we could spot/hear the fledglings. Yup, we heard soft hooting from the big oak in the middle of the block on Woodland, N side of the street. We sat on the curb to wait and were rewarded with the sounds of the feeding rasp. All 3 fledglings were cavorting on a tangle of electrical wires next to the telephone pole that goes up through the foliage (didn’t their parents ever tell them not to play with electrical wires or plastic bags?)
This big tree has hosted owlets each year we have seen them fledge.

May 21, 2010
, couldn’t see or hear owlets this morning
3pm, standing at the fence looking E over it could see the male owl on a low branch; we assume that the owlets are somewhere above him
PM, hot; no obsvn tonight

May 20, 2010
AM, T=74F, breezy, some coastal clouds

5:45am, lovely morning but no sign of the owlets
6am, went to stand outside, listening for rasping. As I stood by the garage, on the driveway, an owl flew up the drive and to the yard east of the shop—yup, there is the rasping.
6:15am, rasping from the trees east of the shop has ceased. Can’t see the fledglings from the house but will check from outside later in the morning when they have settled in.
PM, impossible to hear over the AC noises. Didn’t see owls