May 4, 2010
AM, T=61, clear and sunny, and surprisingly cool after yesterday’s heat

6:15-6:25AM, an owl hunting in the back yard, esp over the Klein’s carport. At 6:25 it came down to bathe and drink in the bathing pool. Left, going E, at 6:32am.
It looked brownish to me–a touch rufous. By size I would say it was the male.
PM, T=82, hot day
The male has been roosting in the tree E of shop. At 5:30 or so, with the strong afternoon sun on him, the M shifted his roost to the shade of the cherry laurel. Too bad he was seen by at least two mockingbirds, and consequently harassed.
Tom fixed the video card problem with the card C got, plus some rice grain-sized sodering on the mother board—we are online again.
While he was doing that there were numerous food deliveries to the owlets of lizards and insects.
10:55pm, moth from M to owlet; this was the only food delivery in the hour I watched. In fact, it was the only appearance of an adult owl.