May 5, 2010
AM, T=60F

5:55am, food delivery; there is a bird carcass already in the box, too, and one of the chicks is feeding on it. It is a big change for the owlets to be able to feed themselves on a carcass. There is lots of wing stretching and ‘mushrooming’ (elongation upward)—these owlets and really grown in the 5 days that the cam was off.
6:09am Female is back in the box, feeding on the bird, and also feeding the owlets.
6:20am, owl rocketed up the driveway to the back yard—I know a going-to-bathe flight when I see one. 6:23-6:28am, male hopped into the bath bowl, drank and splashed all over, then barely made it to a branch to fluff and strop his beak. Flew E.
6:35am, Female is not in the box; both owls are in the cherry laurel, then the branch over the neighbor’s roof, behind the nest box; a bit of mutual grooming, then the male roosts behind the box, female is E of the shop.
The owlets are on their own for the day.
Today we saw the owlets manage to scramble and flap onto the interior perches. That’s about right for 3 weeks (see April 21, 2009 in archived logs).
PM, another hot day, T=92F at 6:30pm
8:19pm First food dropoff from male (an insect?). C thinks there is a parent hunting over the compost pile area. 8:34pm. Following a dive from an owl on the branch over the compost both parents arrived with food, Madame bringing a moth, and Monsieur following right on her tail with a gecko. Less than 30 seconds later, while she was still in the box, he returned with a second gecko.
8:55pm, flash insect delivery, in and out.
9:20pm, v small moth delivered