May 6, 2010
AM, T=65F, clear and sunny, another hot day in store

5:30am, female is in the box, leaves at 5:35am
6:18am, There is an owl in the backyard; it flew from the yard to the W, perhaps using their birdbath rather than ours today.
6:20-6:35am, both adult owls are around the nest box. By 6:40 they have settled into roost spots: M as usual behind the nest box on the branch over the neighbors’ roof, the F first E of the shop, then closer to the male and also behind the box. They seem to shift around a lot during the day, staying out of strong sunshine, perhaps.
8:55am, Female returned to the box due to mobbing. She tried to find something to eat among the litter on the floor, then plugged the entrance with herself. This drove the owlets to revolt, with one managing to cling to the inner ladder long enough to poke her.(pic) She left again at 9:00.
PM, late afternoon, 4pm T=87F, sunny
4 to 4:40pm, Female sitting unconcealed on the branch above the shop window; she got mobbed and moved. It took some hard looking to see her sitting tight against a trunk that looked exactly like her plummage. Still, the jays, robins, cardinals and mockingbirds found her and drove her into the thick umbrella of foliage of the Football tree (E of the shop). Male remains, as he has all day, in the cherry laurel.
8:00pm, male has moved down in the cherry laurel, barely 8’ off the ground.
8:15pm Female (?) is on the crook of the branch outside the computer room window; flew to the crepe myrtle across the driveway; has made a lovely, swooping strike at the base of the trunk of the burr oak at the street, then back up to her perch.
Male is on the high branch over the driveway; also makes a dive and passes out of sight
8:19pm, first delivery to the nest box—something small. Don’t know which parent…
8:26pm small tidbit delivered. The owlets are seriously focussed on the entrance.
8:38pm, gecko, and the small one got it.
8:40,pm, insect, F I think.
8:43pm, insect, maybe a moth
9:06pm, insect, fast delivery (M?); 9:13pm, another lightning dropoff of an insect, 9:27pm, ditto. 9:38pm gecko. 9:44pm moth? (it’s taking a long time to choke down).

Hanging by its beak

Clinging by a claw