May 7, 2010
AM, T=72F; windy w/low coastal clouds coming in
6am, male is over the driveway

6:30am, getting really light out; female standing in the water dish, sipping. She sat on the orchid branch for a while, then flew E; didn’t see her roost spot, though. Male is behind the nest box.
PM, warm (82F at 10pm)
Female was inside the nest box for part of the afternoon (pic), having moved in from some foliage roost (perhaps by the shop window?). At least one of the owlets climbed up to the entrance hole and perched there several times during the afternoon (vid). She/he also did some acrobatics on the side perch inside the box, include a head-first somersault down the triangular space behind the corner perch. By evening, the female was roosting in the cherry laurel, where the male has been seen on previous days. (We missed observations in early evening, being out at the Symphony).
10:36pm and 10:46pm, Moth delivery. 11pm, insect