May 8, 2010
AM, T=71F; overcast and breezy

6:05am, Female sitting in the bathing dish, sipping occasionally, for extended period. At 6:30am, an owl flew from cherry laurel area to east of shop. One owlet is ensconced up on the corner perch inside the nest box. It is peering out the entrance, doing orientational bobbing. At 7:00am, female was sitting in Birdfeeder Tree, and at 7:06-7:08am she sat in water dish, again, drinking slowly. It was completely light, of course, at this time. From 7:08 to 7:12am, she sat, again in “Canoe Tree” (small hackberry just east of Birdfeeder Tree), and then flew north of shop, presumably to roost under grapevines. This is the latest we have seen her out and about. Owlets preening and grooming each other.
PM, T=78, cooler than previous days
Male is in the tree E of the shop, Female in the grapevines. Two owlets have been up on the interior perches; one had quite a bit of trouble getting up there (video); one spent time in the entrance looking out at the new world (picture). Lots of noisy party activity in neighbor’s yard to the north of us so it was no surprise to have dusk activity shifted to the E of our yard. 8:15 Food delivery—looked like a moth. Owlet was determined to exit the top perch, headfirst, downward into the lower right corner behind the perch. It kept getting hung up, but tried several times (side note: I’ve seen an adult make this headfirst exit, so there is actually plenty of space for an owlet). This went on during the excitement of the food delivery. 8:26 Gecko delivery to owlet on perch, but grabby sibling on the floor of the box grabbed the dangling lizard tail and made the steal.
8:27 Another gecko delivery. 8:40 Food delivery. 8:49 Katydid delivery. 9:03 Another delivery. 9:09pm, another insect. Two more: 9:15pm, 9:30pm.