May 9, 2010
AM, T=67F; overcast and cool

6:00am We awoke to hear low, continuous monotonic trills from a parent outside the box. One of the owlets (the first hatched?) was perched in the entrance, hanging rather far out and rasping for food. At 6:15am, a parent flew to the external perch carrying a bird carcass. It paused on the perch and fed a bite or two to the owlet in the entrance, but then turned and departed with the carcass. All this time, a second parent was giving monotonic trills nearby. This seems like a clear example of inducement to fledge (trilling, plus withholding food), and makes us think that fledging may occur in the next few days. A second owlet squeezed into the entrance with the first (video ‘fight for the entrance’).
Morning roosts: male at the top of the tree east of the shop; female probably up under the umbrella of grape vines east of the shop.
Lots of evidence of the bird this morning: a cedar waxwing again (where are they FINDING them??) There are plentiful feathers under the Honda perch, right where the owlet in the entrance can see a yummy bird being dismembered and eaten by parents.
PM, T=75 at 9pm
no observations tonight, except to note that we still have three owlets.
9:24pm, lightning dropoff of a small gecko