May 10, 2010
AM, T=72, moist and breezy

Looked in all the usual spots but never saw an owl this morning.
PM, T=76, windy
8pm Owl in the cherry laurel flew E of the shop to join the other parent. There is an owlet perched in the entrance of the box.
8:24pm, Soft monotonic trill, I’d guess from the female, based on the relatively higher pitch of the trill. 8:25pm food delivery—insect. 8:30pm, an owl made apparent hunting dive into the leaves near the compost pile. 8:34pm, insect delivered to the nest box. Two owlets have posted themselves at the entrance. Constant low level rasping cries. 8:42pm Insect (?) delivery. Owlets are lined up on the floor of the box, intently watching the entrance, and rasping to signal their hunger levels.
Nothing more by 8:55pm, and owlets are sinking into a sort of resigned torpor.
9:12pm, Insect delivery.