May 11, 2010
AM, T=75, S wind is down to just breezy after a windy night;

6:10am, tease and feed: one of the parents (F?) came to the box entrance with a bit of food dangling from her beak. She did not give it directly to the owlet in the entrance, who withdrew into the box; instead she sat with it outside on the perch for a minute, then stuck her head and body in, but exited with it still in her mouth. She came back into the box a second time and THIS time fed it to a chick. I think she is trying to inculcate the concept that food is found/consumed outside the box. And that there is a big world full of food: OUTSIDE the box !
6:15am, owl sitting over the sandbox; after 5 min it flew to the cherry laurel, then to standard post behind the nestbox.
9:00am, hard mobbing of the male owl by 6 jays, a couple of mockers and a cardinal; male was in full cryptic posture but stayed in place (roost behind the nestbox.)
PM, T=90 at 5pm, breezy to windy
Male is in the (shady) cherry laurel roost now. All three nestlings are doing their gular flutter. Dusk can’t come fast enough.
8:12pm Male flew from cherry laurel, landing east of shop. Two owlets squabbling over window view. 8:14pm All three back on floor. This clutch’s ‘Digger the Demented’ was digging furiously in three corners one after another, showering his siblings with wood shavings and debris. 8:20pm All three owlets crowding the entrance of nest box (picture).
8:30pm Quick food dropoff. 8:36pm Owlets remain riveted on entryway, presumably hoping for another food delivery.
8:50pm Katydid delivered to the owlet up on the corner perch, who managed to choke it down without falling off the perch. 9:03pm Gecko delivery, to one of the owlets on the floor. The third, as yet unfed, owlet has realized the truth of “location, location, location” and has laboriously flapped up to the entrance for a minute. However, the katydid at 9:07 went, again, to the owlet on the corner perch.

Three at the entrance

Scrum at the entrance