May 12, 2010
AM, T=75F, getting windy

Quiet morning. Adults have been moving around in the canopy around the nestbox but no feeding calls. M is behind the nestbox again.
3:30pm, in the 80’s; M is in the cherry laurel. Nestlings are often in the entrance hole. They all spend time stretching, gazing, bobbing, grooming (vid)
PM, T=88F, windy
8:10pm Adult hunting in the cherry laurel and around compost.
8:20pm, saw a hunting dive to the ground on/near the compost pile. Owl appeared on the high stub perch over the pile, then flew to the Honda branch and on to the nest box; lightning food delivery to owlet parked in entryway.
8:28pm All three owlets in entryway. Size difference between right and left owlet is noticeable (picture).
8:31pm Food delivery to owlet on back perch. Could hear food rasping on food deliveries periodically, perhaps every 15-20 min., until we quit at 10:30pm

Size difference