May 13, 2010
AM, T=74F, breezy and overcast, again

Feeding of insects and softer bits (lizard? Bird parts?) more frequent than past few days, esp before 5:30am. Did not see the sort of tease and feed of previous days, either. Owlets are much quieter but continue stretching, gazing, bobbing, grooming (vid ‘orientational bobbing’). I really thought that the chick in the entrance would inadvertantly fledge this morning.
Looks like they’re trying out their eartufts, too (pic)
PM, T=82F, finally the wind is calming down.
KAS inside, T and C outside. From upstairs shop window I can see parent owl visits, little faces at the entrance and where east of the shop the owls come to sit or hunt.
8:16pm Food delivery to owlet perched in entry. Much wing flapping from unfed owlet on the floor for a couple of minutes afterwards. 8:22pm owlet in the opening dropped to the floor for a few moments, then back up. Does it get hard to have his feet clasping the edge of the opening?
8:24 Second owlet trying to crowd first out of opening. 8:26pn Second owlet in entryway fed a moth. 8:28pm Another food delivery to owlet in entry. 8:29pm food delivery. All deliveries are to owlets in the entry—the parents are not coming into the box at all.
8:36pm All three owlets on the floor. Two minutes later, someone back up to the opening. 8:48pm Another food delivery, again to the lone owlet at the entry. By now there is less crowding at the entrance and owlets are not sticking as far out.
8:53pm Noticeable gular fluttering by owlet on floor. 9:03pm Lizard (?) delivery.
9:24pm, Monotonic trilling and feeding at the entrance. Owlets are going wild, two of them gobbling at the entrance hole—Shorty, there on the bottom of the box, is getting nothing.
9:35pm, one owlet at the entrance, just peeking out; the other two are asleep on each other. No fledging tonight…

Juvenile eartufts