May 14, 2010
AM, T=72F

Didn’t see much owl activity. Male is over the garage/shop roof for day roost, in a direct line of sight to the nest box.
PM, T=82F, Fairly violent thunderstorm blew in at 6:10pm. We realized that, given our recent, long, dry spell, the owlets have never in their lives heard thunder or rain pounding on the metal roof of their box . One owlet was up in the entrance when the storm blew in, and beat a hasty retreat to the floor of the box. The other two retreated to the back wall. The forward owlet then sheltered under the bar of the interior perch. After a while, all three owlets piled up together in the front of the box (pic). For them, previously, noises on the roof of the box have always meant a creature outside. There is a lot of lightning and thunder now. We suspect this may delay fledging for another night; the owlets are probably going to be too traumatized to venture out. After a 20-minute lull, the second wave of thunderstorms came in at 6:55pm.
7:01pm. Rain is slackening again, and it appears that at least one owlet has lost its fear of the loud impacts; the bold one is perching in the entrance again, although rain is pattering down. It is dark an hour early because of the storms.
7:09, Raining hard, again, with plentiful lightning and thunder. Owlets are huddled and silent.
8:47pm, rain is finally stopping, thunder receding to the east. T=69F, a drop of 13 degrees.
There have been no food deliveries; owlets are still in a huddle (vid., more for warmth than fear by this time) but starting to wiggle apart. Pestered by mosquitoes.
From Bayland St., JP. calls to report that, in the midst of the storm, two drenched squirrels suddenly took shelter in her owl box, taking advantage of the fact that Ms. Owl had stepped outside to enjoy the rain. We are waiting anxiously to hear whether the squirrels harmed the three very young (approx. 1 week-old) owlets in the Bayland box