May 15, 2010
AM, rainy all night, falling off by dawn, T=69F, overcast

6:00am. Rain has stopped. Male owl was trilling fairly constantly (possibly encouraging a fledging attempt?). One owlet was perched in the entrance, hanging pretty far out, and doing a lot of bobbing, while a second owlet tried to crowd in from behind. At 6:15am, a parent delivered a large food item, a bird. The owlets retired to the back wall of the box, where they have been taking turns feeding on it (vid).
(NOO: JP reports that the squirrels were evicted from the Bayland box by 10pm, mom owl returned after that and that the owlets seem to be ok.)
PM, calm and sunny, T=75F, perfect fledging weather
8:10pm Food delivery. Owlet in entry knocked back; food went to owlet on perch. Owlets active–crowding into the entry. 8:18pm owlet in entry replaced (forced out) by sibling. 8:25pm Parent high in the canopy giving quiet single hoots. We think it was a “Stay put!” call. Owlets quiet in box for 10 min, until next visit from a parent owl. (8:33pm owlet on back perch tried to go to the floor headfirst behind the front perch. He/she appeared to be stuck for a couple of seconds, kicking his foot and struggling. Could not fit through, so moved back up and jumped to the left onto the floor. Geez, give me a heart attack, why don’t ya)
8:36pm Adult at box; rasping cries from owlets. 8:40pm food delivery to owlet in entry.
8:40 First owlet fledged. Remaining two very silent and still (shock and awe?).
8:42 Classic! Perfect! Fledged owlet went up the walkaway branch and is on the main branch of the oak. Two left (pictures ‘where did she go?’).
8:49pm Second owlet is venturing into the entryway and looking out.
8:58pm Food delivery. Both remaining owlets crowding the entry again, after a long period of silence and stillness. 9:03pm One owlet jumped to floor—now only one in entry. Will he fledge tonight? It’s getting very late. 9:08 Food delivery. (Fledging over for tonight.)
9:13pm remaining two are down out of the entrance. Parent stuck his head way in to deliver food to owlet on floor. Again at 9:36pm, 9:45pm, 9:50pm

Where did she go?!

She was here just a minute ago.