May 16, 2010
AM, T=70, calm

5am, male parent is alternately trilling (soft mono) and giving soft hoots. These seem to be encouragement to the fledged owlet.
5:45 to 6:15am, owlet is about nestbox height in the canopy, between the box and the driveway. The M (according to trill pitch) has fed it at least once and made at least one feeding trip to the two owlets remaining in the box. The parent is staying within 30-40 ft of the owlet; each time the parent moves its position it trills softly. Maybe this encourages the fledgling to move in the direction of the parent, or maybe it just lets the owlet know where the parent is located.
8am, fledged owlet and female parent are in a day roost 20 ft higher than the nestbox and behind it, almost over the neighbors’ roof (to the E of our house); parent stays within a foot of the fledgling all day.
PM, calm and sunny, T=81F,.
8:16pm Both owlets crowding entry. 8:20pm Male came to outside perch, offered food? and turned sideways. Tempting a fledge with withheld food? 8:22pm Huge scuffling at entry. 8:24pm One owlet retired from entry after another major scuffle.
8:27pm. No 2 owlet fledged. This owlet perched for a long time (5min or more) on the external perch, unlike last night’s No.1 owlet, who didn’t even pause on its way up the Walkaway Branch. No. 3 owlet had its head out of the entrance hole, watching No. 2 on the exterior perch. 8:38 No. 3 fledged. For a brief spell, both owlets were on the exterior perch. T missed seeing the route No. 2 took to exit the external perch (we had visitors and handed off binoculars several times), but No. 3 jumped up from the perch to the roof of the box, and then directly into the nest-box oak tree. C, in the upstairs shop, spotted both owlets climbing along the east-pointing branches of the nestbox oak. An adult is attending, and giving short hoots.
Finally too dark to see. Class of 2010 was celebrated with champagne and delicious homemade blackberry pie from berries picked out near Wharton.