May 18, 2010
AM, T=66F, cool, calm, clear

5:45am, located the fledglings easily by their feeding rasps. They are pretty much where they were when we went to bed last night. They are actively jump/flying short distances from one central branch to others, generally in the direction of a parent incoming with food.
6:15am, now so light that the owlets have stopped rasping and consolidated on the central branch for the day. Don’t know where the parents are yet.
PM, T=84F, warm and mosquitoey
8pm, the owlets are stirring and starting to rasp on their high branch; T is at the window, C is on the Evan’s deck, E of the driveway—perfect place to tip back my head and watch the show. One of the adults was roosting in the thicket E of the shop. The evening started off with two long, very soft monotonic trills; the male then flew to one of what I think of now as the ‘director’s branches’, the dead stubs extending over the Boy box. As it got darker I found it harder to distinguish b/w the M and F, but I think it was the female who led the fledglings on what seem to be training flights. They flew (actually flew) in at least 30’ increments to join her on a director’s stub branch, then on eastward. She moved to clearly seen areas and encouraged them constantly with bill clicks and soft hoots. These weren’t feeding runs.